Di Francesco

Poetics with code


The Tower (2021)
The tower is an exploration of time suspension as an uncanny coexistence of absence and presence, hubris and chaos, movement and paralysis.

Janus VR (2018)
Transcript from the talk on Janus VR and Poetics of Virtual Reality in London 15-11-2018.

Borders - You can't die if you don't exist (2018)
Notes and words created at the DeepLab residency for the York Mediale 2018.

Janus (2017)
A transcript from Janus.

Albert (2017)
An AI fairytale.

The death of depth (2016)
Speed is for machines, not for humans.

VR in digital capitalism (2016)
An essay on virtual reality, from Velázquez to Oculus.
VR as tool of social isolation and propaganda, rather than “empathy machine".

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