Di Francesco

Poetics with code

Time Gods AR

Augmented Reality, loop

CADAF #DigitalArtMonth New York 2020

Time Gods is an augmented reality piece exploring time space collapsing and reconfiguring imaginaries, depicting the Future, the Present and the Past as a trinity of masked divinities.

As the physical and virtual world merge and fade into one another, portals into the metaverse open new liminalities. As the quantum entanglement reveals the coexisting amalgam of the past, the present and the future, new temporalities and new mythologies emerge.

Time Gods explores the everywhere and everywhen coexisting manifestation of the future, the present and the past as masked gods, in which the mask itself represents the threshold, the liminal in between the visible and the invisible, the real and the imaginal, the physical and the spiritual, the magical and the supernatural.

© Copyright Marta Di Francesco