Di Francesco

Poetics with code

The Waves

Single channel video
2:45 min

Post Identity Pavilion, The Wrong Digital Art Biennale 2018
FIVA Festival Internacional de VideoArte, San Martín Cultural Centre, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2018
ADAF Athens Digital Arts Festival 2017
ADAF Athens Digital Arts Festival #PostFuture Journey Exhibition Athens Airport 2017
SPLICE Festival 2017
SWELL Exhibition, Block2 Gallery, Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S. 2017
NEW AESTHETIC: FUTURE BODIES Programme at Film Festival Cologne 2016
NEW AESTHETIC Programme at KFFK N° 10 Short Film Festival Cologne 2016
Film Premiere at Berlin RETUNE Festival 2016
Official Selection Locomotion Festival Mexico 2016
Official Selection Fashion Film Festival Milano 2017
POSTmatter Gallery 2016
Web Premiere on The Creators Project 2016

The waves incessantly and repeatedly dip and crest, crashing, forming and breaking again.
They weave into a constantly morphing flow, where different identities knit and merge into each other, losing themselves in pulsing lines and knots. With their hypnotically continuous cycle, the waves question our identity, in permanent state of flux.