Di Francesco

Poetics with code


Single channel video
2:40 min

Back to the POSTFUTURE Exhibition, curated by ADAF, Spazio Ridotto, Venice 2018
VECTOR Festival Toronto 2017
ADAF Athens Digital Arts Festival 2017
Official Selection Third Culture Film Festival Hong Kong 2017
TEDx Goodenough College [R]evolution Screening 2017
Official Selection Buenos Aires International Fashion Film Festival 2016
Official Selection Fashion Film Festival Milano 2015
Official Selection Santiago International Fashion Film Festival 2015
The Creators Project 2015
Web Premiere on PostMatter 2015
Film Premiere at DREAM: ON Digital Art screening curated by Alpha-ville at Goethe Institut London 2015

Ishtar is a piece exploring metamorphosis and liminality, inspired by the Assyrian mythological journey of Ishtar into the underworld.
A journey from abstraction to rebirth, from the wrapping geometries of darkness to grace, pulsing between the violence of change and the ever radical beauty of morphing angles & lines.

Ishtar, the ancient goddess of fertility, love and war, flits in and out of existence, collapsing, reshaping and re weaving her identity, as she descends through the seven gates of hell, to finally fade back into the abstract line from which she originated. Ishtar is experienced as a sculptural piece, whose story unfolds through the continuous pulsing, weaving and morphing lines in volumetric space.

"Weaving an abstract journey into the underworlds through morphing lines and angles".
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