Di Francesco

Poetics with code

Echoes trilogy

Echoes  is a trilogy of artworks, consisting of a video, a film and an interactive AV installation, aiming at exploring and questioning time displacement.

Echoes III

Single channel video
00:15 min

By employing slit scanning, a time-bending technique which works on exposing different times of a video in the one frame, it becomes possible to glimpse into the past and future at the same time.
Different time layers are displayed at the same time and this temporal vortex creates a hole which allows us to see into the future as it pours out into the present.

Echoes I

Single channel video
1:00 min

Echoes is a short film which aims to challenge our perception of “what is now”.
By creating a visual dialogue & superimposition between a dancer, his projection and a digitally created alter ego, the piece presents us with layers of time.

This disconcerting amalgam of past, present and future eventually leads us to question which one of the three images is the original one.
Dealing with the idea of time layers and the originality of the self, the piece plays with past, present & future (filmed dancing, real time dancing, shadows and digital, superimposition & projection).

Echoes II

AV Installation,

Digital Shoreditch
Mother Agency
31st May 2012

An interactive AV installation, commissioned by Mother, inspired by and following he previous dance based piece Echoes. Created in collaboration with artist Fabio Lattanzi Antinori.
The piece was installed specifically at the Agency's iconic staircase, where most people could experience the piece by simply passing by.
The image distortion is enhanced with a mapping of the audio data in order to create generative soundscapes that cause an even more disorientating tension between real time and delay.

Created with Max MSP, Processing.

© Copyright Marta Di Francesco